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Adult Spelling Bee 2018

Midland Need to Read is hosting its first-ever Adult Spelling Bee with CHEATING!

Sponsorships are available for purchase below and include:

  • Event tickets for 4 team members & 4 guests
  • 8 taco bar tickets
  • 8 tickets for alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks, &
  • 8 votes for Favorite Team

Sponsors will then field a Team to compete in the Spelling Bee—4 of the 8 total guests will participate in head-to-head bouts to determine who is the Champion Spelling Team!

But, you don’t have to spell your way to the top… You can CHEAT!

Yes—cheating is key to victory!

If you’re wondering how you can cheat… the answer is through fundraising!

Each Sponsorship that’s purchased will automatically generate a Team (comprised of 4 members). It is then up to the Sponsor to choose who will represent them in the Bee!

Individuals selected for their Sponsor’s Team must register to compete—and participate in the fundraising competition in order to earn Cheats! The more money your Team raises, the greater your ability to sabotage your competition.

(Registration site is coming soon—we’ll be in contact with further details!)

Spelling Bees are instantly recognizable as measures of literacy and English proficiency in American culture. However, 1 in 4 Midland adults would find it terrifying. Your participation, tongue-in-cheek or not, will raise funds to help us develop the literacy skills of adults. Your efforts do provide fun and games for you but, more importantly, they help fund Adult Literacy in our community.

Fun & games? Yes. Funds & gains? Even more!

Teams will raise $2,000 total (approximately $500 per Team member) to help support Midland Need to Read’s Adult Literacy Program. A customizable, peer-to-peer fundraising page is available for each registered Team to assist their efforts.

After this initial goal is reached, additional fundraising efforts will earn the Team progressively better Cheats!

For instance, a Team that raises $250 more than the initial goal (for a total of $2,250) will receive an “Easier Word” Cheat! Raised $2,500? You get an “Easier Word” Cheat AND a “Harder Word for Your Opponent” Cheat.

More money, more Cheats!

Fundraising for Cheats will end on the last day of August, so the quicker you sign up, the more time you have to raise money and earn Cheats!

You can join in by: Sponsoring a Team, “bee”-ing on a Team, or attending the event!

To purchase one of the Sponsorships listed above, or to buy General Admission tickets, use the drop-down menu below:

(You can select the number of General Admission tickets during the checkout process.)

Join the Ruckus!

Note: All tickets will be held at the door of the event under the registrant’s name.