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Our Services

Midland Need to Read (MN2R) helps students in the following areas:

  • English as a Second Language– reading, writing, speaking, citizenship
  • Basic Literacy Skills– reading, writing, grammar, mathematics, technology, and other areas based on student need
  • GED Preparation– math, social studies, science, language arts

Midland Need to Read is a unique program that provides adults (18 years of age and older) with individualized tutoring opportunities in one-to-one and small group settings guided by trained tutors and professional staff.

One-to-one tutoring pairs meet weekly, typically for one to two hours per week, at convenient times and places. Numerous community partners provide locations where our tutors and students can meet.

Small group classes meet throughout the year at the MN2R Literacy House and Computer Lab.  The classes are led by class instructors and staff.  Although classes consist of more than one student (approximately 6-12), each person works independently and receives individualized instruction, as well as benefiting from the group atmosphere.

Special Services

MN2R provides reading comprehension testing for individuals and organizations. This test consists of 20 reading comprehension questions at the high-school level and typically lasts 30 minutes. The fee is $15 per test and is scheduled by appointment only. If test takers want to improve their reading abilities, MN2R tutoring services are available for those who meet our adult learner requirements. To schedule a test, please call Hailey Law at (432) 682-9693.

Enrolled students who would like to take a GED practice test before taking the GED test may do so in our computer lab.

To encourage the love of reading, MN2R gives away books, free of charge.  We have picture books, elementary-aged books, and grade-level chapter books.  Come by the Literacy House to choose three books daily!