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“I am so thankful to Midland Need to Read, their volunteers, and the supporters for helping me accomplish my dream of getting a G.E.D.” – MN2R Student

Midland Need to Read staff members and professionally trained tutors are here to help you reach all of your personal literacy goals! Such goals can include passing the learning English as a second language, cultivating basic and intermediate computer skills, and improving proficiency in reading, writing, and math, or passing the GED exam. To be eligible, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Live in Midland County
  • Demonstrate a need for literacy (based on assessment) and desire to learn
  • Be willing to commit to at least 2 hours of instructional time per week
  • Show progress in meeting your goals.

Instruction is provided in two ways:

One-to-one tutoring pairs meet weekly, typically for one to two hours per week, at convenient times and places. Numerous community partners provide locations where our tutors and students can meet.

Small classes meet throughout the year at the MN2R Literacy House and Computer Lab.  The classes are led by class instructors and staff.  Although classes consist of more than one student (approximately 6-12), each person works independently and receives individualized instruction, as well as benefiting from the group atmosphere.

Once you are enrolled in our program, we will mail you invitations to our classes, when they are available. Even if you are work with a one-to-one tutor, you can still attend classes.


Before you can receive services, you must first enroll with Midland Need to Read. You can do so in person at the Literacy House (1709 W. Wall Street), or you may complete the enrollment form by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. After your enrollment form is complete, a staff member will review the Midland Need to Read rules and guidelines with you, as well as assess your literacy level and needs. This will help us give you everything you need to meet your goals!

After enrollment is complete, students will be assessed by a staff member to determine their literacy level and specific needs.  Students set goals they will to achieve, such as getting a better job, reading to their children, or obtaining citizenship.


All students must pay a $10 Materials and Technology Fee, in person, at the Literacy House during enrollment.  This fee covers any books or materials needed, as well as use of the MN2R Computer Lab during each session.  MN2R offers five six-week sessions throughout the course of the year.

For classes – Each class session there will be a one-time, nonrefundable $10 Materials and Technology Fee. This fee will be due at the beginning of each new class session. It will cover the cost of all supplies (including books, when required by the instructor) for as many classes as you would like to take during that class session, PLUS the use of our Computer Lab during open lab hours.

For one-to-one tutoring – There will be a nonrefundable $10 Materials and Technology Fee at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment for every student. This will cover the costs of all supplies (including books, when required by the tutor) PLUS the use of our Computer Lab during open lab hours.

Fees must be paid in person at the Literacy House, 1709 W. Wall Street, Midland, Texas.

A limited number of scholarships are available to those who qualify.


If you would like to start the registration process, click this button.
After completing the enrollment form, you will need to visit the Literacy House (1709 W. Wall Street) to complete the rest of the enrollment packet to receive services.