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From a 1 to 10, it’s a 10!  They have everything you need!” – Belen Lozano, Student

Belen Lozano began classes with Midland Need to Read in August 2014 with the intent of improving her reading, writing, and vocabulary in preparation for the GED exam.  She is currently enrolled in an Intermediate ESL class with Virginia Conner.

Growing up, Belen was unable to attend school.  Her family believed that only the men required an education, while the women were to stay at home.  Eventually, her will to learn overpowered her family’s traditions.  She recalls taking her brother’s books and teaching herself how to read in secret.  “I wasn’t supposed to learn how to read.  I began by rewriting the words.  I remember starting with an ABCs book with pictures of ducks,” she said.

Belen carried this willingness to learn into adulthood when, in 1991, she passed the CNA test by buying the testing book and repeatedly reading it.  “I have a passion for reading and learning.  I like challenges, and I will fight for it.  It motivates me.”  Her next goal is to pass the GED exam, and she is thankful to her MN2R teachers for what she’s learned thus far. “The teachers are very patient, they explain everything very well.  I feel at home here; it’s like my family.”

The legacy of learning has been passed down to Belen’s children.  Her son and daughter were encouraged to attend school and expand their learning.  Her daughter completed a Bachelor’s degree and is now working to become a teacher.

To anyone who may feel it’s too late to learn or may be hesitant about learning at MN2R, Belen encourages, “From a 1 to 10, it’s a 10!  They have everything you need! Don’t give up on yourself – because you know more than you think.  If I were 99 years old right now, I would be here!”

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