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You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.
What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
– Jane Goodall

From teaching adult students to offering consulting services pro bono, volunteers make a huge impact by donating their time, expertise, skills, and services to keep our organization functioning. But volunteering with MN2R isn’t just about teaching adult students (though there is plenty of that, too!). There are many ways you can contribute:

Literacy Tutors
Volunteer Tutors/Instructors are the backbone of MN2R. They meet with our adult students in one-to-one, small group, or small class settings and provide instruction, encouragement, and feedback. Tutors receive special training in adult education, English language instruction, and cultural sensitivity. They are also provided with continual support and resources by the MN2R staff. No prior teaching experience is necessary.

Technology Tutors
Technology Tutors specialize in helping adult students develop their digital literacy skills in a small class setting. Training and self-paced software is provided to aid in instruction, and volunteers are provided with continual support and resources by the MN2R staff. No prior teaching experience is necessary.

Administrative Support Volunteers
Support Volunteers assist staff with day-to-day administrative tasks and special projects. Volunteers in this category help by answering phones and greeting visitors, filing, data-entry/inventory, data reporting or statistical analysis, mail-out preparations, and other administrative tasks

Fundraising & Marketing Volunteers
Fundraising & Marketing Volunteers assist staff in preparing for and working at our events, as well as promoting the visibility of the organization. Opportunities in this area include Special
Event Committee membership to coordinate and plan events, social media promotion and outreach, graphic design of advertising materials, and much more.

Pro Bono Service(s) Volunteers
Pro Bono Service(s) Volunteers assist staff in areas of expertise–like CPA bookkeeping, legal consultations, etc.–to further the mission and day-to-day function of the organization. They provide their services free-of-charge on an as-needed basis.

Volunteer Board of Directors Membership
For more information on joining the Board of Directors for Midland Need to Read, please visit our Apply to Join the Board page.

*Midland Need to Read is an approved agency for the Legacy Scholarship Program through Midland College. Students may fulfill their scholarship hour requirement with MN2R.